J4T Multitrack Recorder 4.52


Record your song ideas and demos on this 4-track device.

J4T Multitrack Recorder is a basic 4-track recorder. Great for recording your song ideas and demos.


* 4 tracks with individual volume-controls
* Export to .wav or .mp3 for desktop editing.
* Import music files (.wav and .mp3).
* Adjustable samplerate.
* Sync option for phones where tracks are out of sync.
* Copy-function for quick duplication.
* Mix multiple tracks down to one to free up tracks

Planned features:

* Clicktrack/metronome
* Stereo panning
* Track editing (cut/copy/paste)
* Setting loops
* Adding effects (reverb/delay etc.)


The permission for reading logs is used only for reading system values necessary for reducing latency.

On some phones the recording track is still out of sync. The sync-screen can be used for manual correction.
On some phones plugging in headphones mutes the sound. The only workaround so far has been to try with different headphones.

Samplerates higher than 11025 can be problematic on slower phones.

The app doesn't work well on the Samsung Spica and the Samsung Moment.

If you experience bugs or issues on your phone, please let us know about it by sending an email so we can try to fix it.

MP3 Decoding/Encoding specifics:

For mp3-import the app uses the JLayer-MP3 Library from the JLayer Project: http://www.javazoom.net/javalayer/javalayer.html.

For mp3-export the app uses LAME from the LAME Project:

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